Thursday, October 4, 2007

Featured Artist: Tiffany Teske

Ferntebrae - Original Polaroid Image Transfer in 8x10 Archival Mat

Tiffany Teske began her journey as a photographer at the age of 7 when she was given a camera to take pictures during a family trip. She worked in the darkroom in high school, and continued to travel, practice, and love the art of photography. That led her to college at the age of 23, where she earned a degrees in art and photography. Her passion for art is beyond just “taking pictures”. She is inspired by nature, by civilization and how it invades nature, in patterns and textures both organic and inorganic, by all things vintage and historic, by her child and my relationships with others, by animals in the wild.

Art is her passion, and this is not just a hobby for her. She believes that in the world of being self-employed that good old fashioned advice is the best no one is going to hand you success. You have to work for it. You will be as successful as you work hard. As a fellow Etsian, I believe this is so true.

You can view her works in her Etsy shop, or by visiting her website at Her Polaroid image transfers are just amazing. I had to put that second piece here—I’m a therapist and think it would be really beautiful choice for a clinic—it’s much nicer than looking at your traditional skeletons or exercise poster in the waiting room!! Go visit her shop today and get a start on some holiday shopping. She also has gift certificates available!!