Saturday, October 27, 2007

Featured Artist: Entyqua

Meet Becki of Entyqua. She makes both costume and genuine stone/metal jewelry as well as finished ewelry boxes, cards making and other paper crafts. Coming soon, she will also be doing clothing!!
Becki uses a lot of natural stones and beads for her creations, her favorite being wood and gemstones. She also loves to use pearls, and believes that weather they are freshwater or faux, pearls have a very elegant feel to them and always and a touch of class to every piece they are used in! All her jewelry designs are andmade with care and love, and you'll find that each piece is very unique and will never be recreated.

She LOVES to paint and to decorate. Becki can take something ordinary like a plain unfinished wooden box and make it dazzle. You can find jewelry and other items in her Etsy shop

She has also just opened up a second shop featuring cards and artwork. I especially like this one, seeing that I am a redhead!!Hair Inturrupted

Be sure to visit her blog at


Anonymous said...

Nice feature. I like Enyqua's work too. Phyllis