Monday, October 29, 2007

Featured Artist: BlueBaby

Amethyst Beauty Necklace

Meet Amanda, creator of Etsy shop Bluebaby. She is a woman after my own heart with her jewelry and crochet creations. She is from a small town in Michigan, and is a stay at home wife to her loving husband Brien, and mom to her furry baby chihuahua Taz. She loves all types of arts and crafts, from jewelry making to drawing to crocheting. (okay, I thought we were long-lost relatives until I saw that she loved to draw--that skill totally eludes me). She loves to create things that are somewhat different and unique. Her jewelry and crochet items are very affordable, which is another thing that I love about her shop. I try to keep the cost of my merchandise down for everyone as well!!

I posted in a much earlier blog that I recently discovered amigurumi. (I know, where have I been?). This little keychain is adorable--and I love the name (a take on a character from one of my favorite books).

Get started on your Christmas shopping, and check out her shop. You will find a variety of crocheted items, and she adds new things all the time. You're sure to find something special, and if you want something special, just ask her and I'm sure she can do it.

Check out her blog while you're at it!