Friday, January 16, 2009

Wootable Awards

I was checking out Woot and saw a blog post for their Wootable Awards from the Annual CEA (Consumer Electronics Association) Convention in Vegas. This one was my favorite....I hope it lands on "More Cowbell"!!

Hit the link above to see other "Wootable Awards"

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks-Blog of the day

This is a running joke with some friends of ours...the excessive use of quotation marks. I know I'm guilty as charged, but I just had to spread the word of this blog.

For example....what do they mean by "water"?? I'm a little afraid to ask.

But this is another of my favorites, especially since I loves me some LOL cats. I can has?

So, for more of these, visit

Sterling Silver Stamped Jewelry

So, I've been doing these necklaces and bracelets for a while. I LOVE them. My whole business view is being able to make whatever someone wants--customized to their desired color, lengths, etc. This fits that realm perfectly. I wear my necklace everyday...I don't take it off. I am so proud of it and I love to create jewelry that other mothers can wear to show off their pride.

For more styles, you can visit or

Monday, January 12, 2009

Bottle Cap Mania!

Bottle Caps seem to be sweeping the nation. At the urge of my nieces, I've started making them and am having a ball doing so. Instead of adding them to ball chains and only being able to wear one style, I've decided to go the interchangeable route and put them on super strong magnets so that you can just pop one off and add another any time you want. My nieces store their extra caps on the fridge, which are great decoration, and that way they always know where they are.

Chokers are soft and stretchy and just slip on over your head. They'll fit anywhere from a 2 year old to an adult (but please supervise small kiddos while wearing).

For all my current styles and colors, visit my home page or my Etsy shop. Selections are always changing, so check back often.