Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Featured Artist: Earmark

Bridgette and Mike of E.I. Greetings have been "creating a little happiness" for about 5 years now. Their business got started by accident, even though she was going to college for graphic design. Bridgette came across a girl on a wedding message board (while planning her own wedding in 2002) that needed help with her invitations, so she offered to help, free of charge, but the girl liked them so much she paid her! That happened again and again and voila earmark invitations was born! In 2005 she had a strong urge to get more creative and do something fun, different and exciting - that is when E.I. Greetings came to life (aka earmark) and she has been having a blast ever since! Bridgette states "I love the stationery end of our business probably more than i should even :)"

When asked about the inspiration behind their work, they reply "I am inspired all the time, nature, people, stories, words... sometimes i over hear someone and one word pops out at me and the next day that word is the centerpiece to a new card!" .

You can visit their website at http://www.earmarkinvitations.com, and also take a look at their blog at http://eigreetings.blogspot.com