Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Amigurumi Patterns

I don't know where I've been for this craze, but I think amigurumi (which means knitted or crocheted doll in Japanese) is just precious. I'm not so sure I'd be very good at it, though. I am used to doing larger items, and it looks like there may be just a bit too much sewing and finishing for these little guys. I love them, though. I thought I would post a few links to some free amigurumi patterns, Katrina's Crochet Creations has more free patterns with little chihuahuas, little 'shrooms, kitties, and lots more. Here's a link to Crochet Me's article on amigurumi that has lots of tips and info. There are some way cute ones that others have shared on other site, too. Such talent. For example, check out this Princess Leia and Yoda--I would try this one if I had a pattern--I'm a big Star Wars fan! I guess I'll stick to my Crochet Onesies and crochet cowboy boots for now. I've also started making java jackets (so you can work on the "reduce and reuse" aspect with your Starbucks in the mornings). Plus, they are just way more sassy than that cardboard thingy!! I've given all the ones I've made away so far as gifts, so I'll post a pic later.
As always, check out the home page at http://www.sparklystrandz.com/ , or visit my Etsy shop at http://www.sparklystrandz.etsy.com/ for some cute handmade goodies. You know you need em!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Crochet Cowboy Booties

I found this pattern and had to start making them--being from Texas and all. Even though I am not a boot-scootin' mama myself, it was during the Rodeo (Which is HUGE here in the Houston area) that I found it, so I made a "prototype" for my baby girl. I posted them on my Etsy shop and got several inquiries, so I made some more.....

The fuschia ones shown here are ones I have posted at my Etsy store (http://www.sparklystrandz.etsy.com) Take a look at those, as well as my other stuff. I've made boots with soles: dark brown, light brown, black, hot pink, and accents of light pink, dark pink, purple, white. The dark brown sole with light pink accents are way cute. I sell these for $12.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Square "hoop" Earrings w/garnet crystals

I love to sit down and play with my beads and wire every once in a while for the heck of it. I not only learn somthing new almost every time, but occasionally I stumble across something that I wouldn't mind making more of.
I love hoop earrings, and I love that hoop earrings have made a comeback from the good ol' 80's. However, I got to thinking that I grow tired of the same old circles, so I thought about squares. Then, of course, I have to add something "sparkly", or it wouldn't be worthy of being a Sparkly Strandz creation, so this is what came about. I took this picture just to have it, so it doesn't do the earring justice. They are way cute on.
I'll add them to the site soon. Might work on the pictures a bit, and I'll probably sell them for $10. You can find them right now at my Etsy store at http://www.sparklystrandz.etsy.com/, and soon at the website: http://www.sparklystrandz.com/
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