Monday, October 8, 2007

Featured Artist: That's Headley! Jewelry Designs

Ginny Headley Maserang is the artist behind That's Headley! Jewelry Designs. She got "started" making jewelry in junior high with the good 'ol seed bead daisy chain chokers. Times changed, and she moved on from seed beads to semi-precious stones. Her business started with her husband told her to "sell or stop buying". (Hey-sounds familiar-I think my husband told me the same thing!!). She did just that and began having her jewelry sold via arts and antiques shows, and finally found Etsy and opened her shop in March 2006.

She is constantly inspired by the materials she works with, especially the colors and textures of semiprecious gemstones and sterling silver. She states "I love how they feel against the skin and pick up your body's warmth and energy." There's not much else that can compare to a beautiful piece of jewelry that just has some "weight to it".

Her beautiful and intricate designs won in the Etsy Spring 2007 Beads4You Challenge in the Anything Goes category. This is the gorgeous bracelet pictured above!! She is currently in the process of making a similar bracelet in amethyst and lavender-colored keep an eye out in her shop for that!

Ginny loves to make jewelry because she loves to wear jewelry, especially one-of-a-kind pieces. She sells jewelry because she wants to share that love.

Be sure to check out her shop, as well as her blog, at, and be sure to Buy Handmade!


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