Saturday, November 17, 2007

Featured Artist: Summer Sea Herbs

Cold and Flu Care Organic Herbal Loose Tea

Making herbal products is an absolute joy Tracy of Summer Sea Herbs, and her love of Nature comes through in her work! She is a certified Herbalist with over ten years of experience healing with herbs. She makes her herbal products with the finest organically grown and ethically wild-crafted ingredients available. Why Organic? Because she believes that her products are truly better when she uses ingredients which have NOT been irradiated, treated with pesticides or sprays, and that your body and spirit needs good, clean energy! Making every product with only organic ingredients costs a little more, but she feels it's worth it!

Summer Sea Herbs is a small company, and Tracy personally makes all of her products in small batches, by hand. This ensures quality control and product effectiveness. With many years experience as a medical Herbalist, and many more as a practicing Green witch, all her products are made with great care and skill. Whether you want a delicious tea or need an incense blend to assist in magickal workings, you can be confident that she has taken great care in blending your item. All her medicinal and magickal formulas are tried and true, developed from the personal needs of her community over the years. She keeps her product packaging to a minimum, re-usable and recyclable, to have a low impact on the environment. It makes her very happy to help people through the use of herbs!

The herbal tea shown above that she has listed is something that we could all use this cold and flu season. I sure wish I had had me some before I got sick last week!! I'm finally getting over my mega cold. Plus, the proceeds of the sale of this tea goes towards a friend of hers to help pay for medical bills while she is fighting cancer.

Lucky Stars 100% Organic Loose Herbal Incense

The item above is a base of 100% organic herbs and resin, this blend contains Star Anise, Rosemary, Copal and others. This blend is charged to help bring the Fortunate possibilities swirling thru the Universe to you. Use in rituals and spells to enhance good luck, and fortify those wishes.

Go check out all she has to offer in her Etsy shop, as well as her blog (