Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Featured Artist: Lost Mitten

Today's artist is Lauren, and she creates all of the crafts found in the Lost Mitten Etsy Shop. She is mostly known for her original video game craft creations made from plastic Perler beads, pinback buttons, embroidery floss/needlepoint, yarn, and any other materials she can get her hands on!

I personally LOVE her shop and all the things she makes. I am, like, totally a child of the 80's and practially babysat myself by playing the original nintendo and atari games for hours. Ms Pac-Man, Mario, you name it. Ok, I still like to play those games on my old school gameboy when I have the chance.

I had to put this ring up. Gotta love the green 'shroom. I also make rings that are for sale in my shop, but mine might be considered a little boring compared to this!!

Since I'm still on a button kick, I wanted to post this bracelet. It's made from 1" buttons, and has a great retro look to it. Plus, as I've mentioned before, I love swirly things!! You can find this in Lost Mitten's shop for $10.

Pacman Perler Bead Card Holder

Go visit Lost Mitten's shop to browse through a great selection of whimsical buttons, card holders, magnets and more. Also, don't forget to go check out her blog. You'll be glad you did.


The Mommy and Me Boutique said...

Great feature and such a fun etsy. store!