Sunday, November 11, 2007

Featured Artist: Creative Sundries

Original Collage ACEO Explore

Sarah and Carol is a mother-daughter/friend-friend team in Minnesota. They are the talent behind the shop "Creative Sundries". They originally started on Etsy as a de-stash effort, but it has grown into so much more! They are really enjoying being on Etsy. There are so many cool and nice people and it's so inspiring!They love being part of Etsy! They specialize in vintage treasures and unusual ephemera, as well as handmade ATCs, notecards, crocheted cuffs, and jewelry.

I love the little card pictured above. My husband works at NASA and our son's bedroom is done in a space theme, so I'm always looking for little bits of space art. This is a mixed-media one-of-a-kind collage on a vintage playing card, with text from a vintage science book, 60s dictionary, and 80s book about outer space. So cute.Crocheted Cuff Ribbon Yarn

I had to add this last item. I love jewelry, and I love crochet, so when you combine the two, voila, it's gotta also have some love!! (which is the reason my favorite necklace I make is my wire crochet necklace).

Check out all this dynamic duo has to offer, and also, don't forget to check out their blog:


The Mommy and Me Boutique said...

Very nice feature! I know the artists will appreciate it.

creativesundries said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful and thoughtful feature!

Your blog looks awesome!!!

Sarah :-)