Thursday, February 21, 2008

Featured Artist: Unique Charm

Decadant Truffle Charm Bracelet

Unique Charms on Etsy offers a variety of fabulous polymer clay charms and bobbles. As you can see, she specializes in "sweet" little treats for you. I just love this X Box charm. It looks like the one I made my husband buy me. He actually agreed to getting a pink controller for the extra one when he realized that when his "dudes" come over they'll be the ones using it!!

These are all made from polymer clay as I mentioned. I can barely get a round bead to come out looking right, and I admire people that can sculpt and create such tiny little works of art out of clay. They are so fun and unique.

X Box 360 Charm

Stop on by her shop to see all her work. Also, you can find Leslie at the links below:



Leslie said...

wow, thanks! maybe today wont be so bad after all, that was a surprise!