Monday, February 18, 2008

Featured Artist: Artish

"Flames" neckwarmer/scarflette

These fabulous neckwarmers/scarflettes can be found in Etsy Shop Artish. At artish you'll find a work of art you can wear on your body or use in your home.

From Leticia:
"I've been drawing, painting, sewing, and 'creating' in general for as long as I can remember. there is nothing quite like giving a gift or owning something that has been made by hand."

"I particularly love to make scarves. I love the surprise that often comes from combining unusual textures and colours. I love adding details, features and embellishments. I especially love how a great scarf can transform an ordinary outfit into a fabulous one."

"My inspiration comes from the colours and textures around me in the hunter valley (australia), my family, my painting and drawing, and from the cities and countries i have visited."

"useless information about me?
i am a sucker for shoes that i don't need, dangly earrings, music, old-fashioned bicycles, things that go fast, anything red, potatoes, the smell of a new book, alchemy's chai tea, and painting and drawing."

So go stop on by her Etsy shop and see what she has to offer.

Gold (scarf)