Sunday, March 30, 2008

Interesting blog of the day

I will occasionally be posting some links to blogs that I find interesting or different that I either come across or hear about. I saw this one today on CNN, and just thought I needed to share it. This will also just serve as another means to keep up with some links that I wish to visit again.

Today's blog is
This artist makes minature little people (hence, the name) and leaves them all around the city of London for others to discover. However, before he leaves, he takes photos of them, and they are just beautifully done. Click here, or the link above to visit and look at all the tiny pieces of art and the magnificent photos.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Houston Bead Shows

Just a few shows I have found listing for that is upcoming in this area.

Houston Bead Market
May 31-June 1, 2008
The Stafford Centre
10505 Cash Rd
Stafford, Texas 77477
(click here for info)

April 4-6, 2008
International Gem & Jewelry Show
Click here for more info on this one)
Visit this link to see exhibitor info, lists, or to buy tickets
Reliant Park, Houston

November 7-9, 2008
The Houston Bead Society
The Annual Bead & Jewelry Show

(Click here for more info)

June 20-22, 2008
International Gem & Jewelry Show
Houston Reliant Center

Monday, March 24, 2008

Bridal Strandz Now Open for Business

I am very proud to now have a bridal jewelry shop open on Etsy (BridalStrandz) I may or may not add these to my website as well. We'll see how it goes. I have enjoyed being a part of making several brides' jewelry over the past few months with some very special requests. I love the elegance of pearls and crystals, and that I can offer quality jewelry for fractions of the costs of brick and mortar bridal boutiques. I mean really, some of them are just outrageous, and it's not even quality jewlery. If you are in the Houston area getting married, I would be pleased to work with you and even meet with the bride or bridal party to special fit lengths at no extra charge so that they are perfect for the necklines of those dresses!!

Please visit (and bookmark, and pass it on), and new items will be added daily.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Featured Artist: A Breath of French Air

Soap $4.25

I saw a lovely shop on Etsy today. It's ABreathofFrenchair, and she has fabulous bath and body products. Check out these soaps that are pictured above. They are called "Achoo Cold/Flu Goats Milk Bar Soap" for those achy muscles. They have Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Lemon, Lavender, (for soothing cold symptoms) and Oatmeal (for soft skin). In fact, I think I'll be getting these tonight, so don't jump in line ahead of me!!

Bath Salts

As if her soaps and scrubs, and lip balms weren't luxurious enough for you, she has some great bath salts. I might need some of these, too, but I'll have to ponder which ones for now.

Other places you can find A Breath of French Air:

Monday, March 10, 2008

Featured Artist: VanessaCavacoDesigns

Vintage Motif Sparkle Notecard

Vanessa Cavaco has a way with the modern and funky, as can be seen with her fabulous designs. I know I'm awesome at repeating myself, but if I've said it once, I've said it a billion times "I loves me some sparkly". (hence "sparkly strandz"). I love this sparkly notecard found in her Etsy shop. I just might have to have one. And I'm the one in the family known for being anti-card. Maybe I'm getting soft in my ripe old age!

Her shop also has a collection of great labels and tags that you can have customized. I'm pretty sure I'll be stopping by to get something sassy for my earring and nursing necklace tins!

Here are a few other places on the web you can find Vanessa: