Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Featured Artist: Autumn Leah

Today's artist is Autumn, who is not only a fellow Texan, but a fellow stay at home mom (ok--I work a day or two here and there to get out of the house). She started making jewelry keep her sanity. With a degree in graphic design, it has given her the edge on making other things as well.

Sassy Girl Bow and Headband

This cute little bow comes on a soft lacy headband (which, if your baby girl is anything like mine and BALD still at 16 months, you 'll need it), and can also be detached to be put in the hair of an older girlie (which in my daughter's case it will be 3 years old!!). She's got a good variety of baby boutique items.

If you have a business on the internet, especially Etsy, you'll need a banner. I said she made other things as well, and her banners that are available for purchase at a very reasonable price are very cute. You can look at them here.

Don't forget to go check out her blog while you're at it: