Friday, August 10, 2007

Custom Order Photo Pendants

I finally got everything I needed to make these pendants that I've been wanting to make for a while. They are made from cutting down blank microscope slides, putting whatever image you want between them, sealing it with copper foil tape, then soldering it. I add little embelishments to mine.

The first pendant seen here is a good ol' University of Texas pendant that I made with scrapbook paper and orange font on photo shop (no licensed images here--my OWN doing). I tinkered with some wire until I figured out that I could make a little longhorn to embelish it with. I think he's cute!! I'll work on one for the Aggies next. I am neutral in that fight.
This second one is my precious angel you know how hard it is to get two babies in a picture together? I haven't had another one of BOTH of them together since Chelsea was still in slug status.
Anyway, these are both currently available at my Etsy shop for $20. You can visit the shop to look for "ready made" items (and some custom-such as the photo charm), or visit my online shopping cart to build your own piece of jewelry at