Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Featured Artist: CoconutPalmDesigns

Red Eye Tree Frog ACEO

Meet Joanna, she is a Canadian living in Belize, Central America and also a graphic designer. Woodworking and sign design is her newest crafting passion but art has been in her blood since birth.

I've always had a thing for frogs, so I love this little card. It is an original pencil crayon illustration of a red eye tree frog (Agalichnis callindyas). These frogs breed in isolated ponds in lowland forest habitats. It is drawn on watercolor paper and is signed and dated on the back.
Her signs are also wonderful. I love this one with the beach chair. I live near Galveston, TX and love the beach, so when I have my own beach house, I'll have to comission one to welcome my guests!!!

Please feel free to contact her if you have a particular sign you would like her to make for you.

Visit her blog at: http://coconutpalmdesigns.blogspot.com